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OIP is the most effective way to boost the performance of your E&S or Specialty insurance business. With skilled assistant underwriters and ready-made InsurTech solutions and services, we'll help you take quality and efficiency in your business to new heights.


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    From inspection reviews and endorsements to policy issuance and renewals… and more

    More time
    for selling

    Is a lack of talent or tech limiting growth?

    E&S and Specialty businesses are the hardest to scale.

    Your complex risks are complex to administer.

    The people you train are always looking to move up or move on.

    And the InsurTech solutions out there just don’t cut it.

    Unblock bottlenecks.
    Unlock performance.

    Assistant Underwriting Support

    InsurTech Services & Solutions


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    Our office has been working with OIP for the past several years, and I am very pleased with the partnership. OIP began by helping our office with policy issuance, and our policy turnaround time and accuracy improved tremendously. We have since added many additional functions to the OIP team, such as setting up our renewal files, ordering loss runs, ordering and reviewing inspections, etc. OIP consistently does a wonderful job with all the functions that we have added, and they don’t miss a beat when a teammate is on vacation. Their work is consistently accurate, and their correspondence is always very professional. The OIP staff is a pleasure to work with. They have been a huge help to our office, and we are glad to have them as a part of our team. I highly recommend OIP to others in the industry.

    April Carter

    Profit Center Leader

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    We started using OIP in 2014 with one assistant. We were so impressed with the quality of work we added more assistants (11 total) and increased the level of work assigned from level 1 to level 4. Before OIP, our underwriting assistants were struggling to keep up with the increased workflow, but after adding just one assistant, we noticed a difference immediately. They are professional, helpful, and learn new tasks quickly due to the advanced training process. We appreciate and value our OIP assistants!

    Michelle Lindsey

    Vice President of Underwriting Services at Jencap Group

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    When researching companies to outsource, we chose OIP because of their extensive training program. We have found the staff to be professional and committed to processing our work with care and accuracy. OIP has taken our transactional daily work and streamlined the process allowing our teams to focus more on production. Over the past two years, we are continually introducing new tasks to our OIP team and they have been instrumental in helping our service standards improve dramatically. We couldn’t be happier with our OIP team!

    Billie Gorrell


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    OIP has made a huge improvement to our productivity and overall growth. Having previously worked with them, I knew they could enable us to achieve greater heights. We are saving so much time with OIP handling our policy issuance and processing, that we can focus on continuing to grow our business. Their professional and constant communication makes them feel like a part of OUR team!

    Amy Leicht Craig

    Owner | President

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    We began partnering with OIP over 9 years ago and appreciate their knowledge, commitment to excellence and their Superior Client Service. We use them for all of our back office functions and continue to grow with them each year. They are a huge part of our Team!!!

    Gretchen S. Jackman

    Chief Operating Officer

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