Process your documents with high precision in the blink of an eye and have your data structured and stored.

Optimize workflow with NT Extractor

NT Extractor is an advanced tool that enhances your efficiency and accuracy when processing documents. It reduces processing times from hours to seconds and provides reliable, almost error-free data, maintaining a 99% accuracy rate. By automating data extraction, you will handle much higher volumes of data with greater precision.

Your business will gain a decisive competitive edge in the market, and your teams will have more time to spend on strategic and creative work.

Prop AI Models

Insurance documents often arrive unsorted and vary in quality, particularly handwritten ones. NT Extractor addresses these challenges with sophisticated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and classification technologies. Our system promptly recognizes and categorizes each document, ensuring accurate data extraction from any document.


Unlike typical models that rely on third-party services processing data off-site, NT Extractor operates within a private cloud. Our solution processes and secures all your data internally, utilizing proprietary models tailored exclusively to your specifications and hosted on your private servers, ensuring no data ever leaves your secure environment.

Industry Knowledge

Many tech solutions lack deep industry knowledge, so the implementation often falters. That's not the case with NT Extractor. With roots deep in insurance, our specialists understand both front and back-end perspectives, ensuring the NT Extractor implementation aligns with your business's unique demands and challenges.

NT Hot Features

Top Tier Classification And Extraction of AI Models

High-End Classification and extraction AI models

  • Automated classification of diverse document types such as insurance applications, policy forms, declaration pages, invoices, and other insurance documents.
  • Classification and extraction from digital and degraded quality documents such as handwritten, skewed, and rotated documents.
  • Over 99% accuracy rate in data extraction through the utilization of advanced AI models, including machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), that handle complex and varied document layouts.

Intelligent Model 
Selection Framework

Intelligent Model 
Selection Framework

  • Flexibility for clients to determine and select the AI models based on their preferences and specific use-case requirements.
  • Support for various modes of data extraction, ensuring we use the most suitable model for different document types and condition.
  • Fine-tuned models for each use case: submissions, loss runs, quotes, policies, SOVs, etc.

Expert Insurance 
Insights Integration

Expert Insurance 
Insights Integration

  • Incorporation of insurance domain experts to assist throughout the implementation process and later review and validate extracted data.
  • Feedback loops to continuously improve the accuracy and relevance of the data extraction models.
  • Models built, trained, and maintained by insurance domain experts.
  • QC Screens available, as well as expert staff to correct the output and retrain the machine.

Seamless API 
Integration & Outputs

Seamless API 
Integration & Outputs

  • Effortless integration with existing systems through well-documented APIs, ensuring a smooth implementation process.
  • Standardized output formats adhering to ISO Insurance standards, guaranteeing consistency and compliance across all extracted data.

Dynamic Scalability 
And Performance

Dynamic Scalability 
And Performance

  • Efficient processing of large volumes of documents to meet the needs of large insurance firms.
  • Quick turnaround times to ensure timely data availability for decision-making processes.

Compliance & Security

Compliance & Security

  • Adherence to industry standards and regulations for data privacy and security – ISO 27001, SOC II
  • Secure data handling and storage to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
Insurity Partner With OIP Robotics To Transform Data Processing Through AI

This partnership pairs enterprise-ready AI with state-of-the-art SaaS solutions, allowing for seamless data flow and automation, enhanced operational efficiency, and reduced costs for insurance organizations

HARTFORD, Conn.–Insurity, the leading provider of cloud software for insurance carriers, brokers, and MGAs, today announced that it has partnered with OIP Robotics (OIPR), an Insurtech data and software solutions lab, to transform data processing within P&C insurance. This collaboration is set to bring unparalleled automation efficiency to policy lifecycle management and transform traditional data processing methods, bringing increased operational efficiencies and reduced costs to insurance organizations.

By integrating OIPR’s innovative AI capabilities with Insurity’s advanced SaaS offerings, Insurity customers get the benefit of streamlined processing using a single document entry point feeding Insurity’s entire product suite. The partnership maximizes automation and reusability. This efficiency enhances operational processes and significantly lowers the risk of claims related to data entry errors, thereby safeguarding customer interests. Submissions that previously took hours are completed in minutes, reducing data entry errors from a 4% error ratio to less than 1%.
Moreover, this partnership addresses the insurance industry’s long-standing challenges with the absence of standardization and unstructured documentation. By offering a solution that seamlessly integrates AI into SaaS, Insurity and OIPR are breaking down the barriers of costly complexity typically associated with AI implementation in the insurance sector. This enables a smoother and more economically favorable adoption of AI technologies, allowing insurers to focus more on their core functions, such as underwriting, risk management, and claims handling.

“To bring true automation to insurance, it’s imperative to pair up state-of-the-art, SaaS-deployed core systems with new and emerging AI capabilities, precisely the aim of the OIPR and Insurity partnership,” said Mladen Subasic, Chief Product Officer at OIP Robotics. “We will bring low-touch, seamless data flow to underwriting, claims, and policy support teams, shifting their focus to what matters – building relationships with customers and growing a profitable book of business…

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