Unlocking Success: The Power of Personalized Benefits

What's Happening

How OIP introduced a personalized employee benefits program with a remarkable satisfaction rate


Last November, OIP’s Chief Operating Officer, Milos Petrovic, took the spotlight at HR Week, Europe’s premier virtual HR conference, unveiling the behind-the-scenes process that brought OIP’s personalized employee benefits program to life.


In a world where personalized benefits are often considered costly and complex, OIP embraced the challenge, recognizing the potential to create something truly valuable for both employees and partners. 


Prioritizing what matters most


OIP’s employees are not just headcounts, they are the heartbeat of our organization. They are the people responsible for building and growing the business, delivering outstanding results to our partners and ensuring OIP continues on the path of success. That’s why prioritizing what matters most to our team members is important to us. 


In this year-long initiative, all OIP employees were asked about the benefits that truly mattered to them. Using their feedback, we crafted a personalized benefits program designed with our employees in mind.


A testament to success


Over the past year, OIP experienced a remarkable 30% increase in team growth and a record-breaking 93.3% retention rate. The personalized benefits program not only ensures employee satisfaction and loyalty but also provides partners with a stable and dependable team.


Wisdom gained


  • Prioritize personalized benefits, acknowledging the unique needs and preferences of each team member.
  • Understand that tailoring benefits is feasible not only in smaller companies but also in larger organizations, where it can yield improvements in retention and profitability.
  • Foster transparent communication with employees for higher satisfaction and better employer branding.


Watch the video to learn the details of how OIP developed and launched its personalized employee benefits program.