OIP Celebrates International Day of Education


Igniting Careers and Building E&S Professionals of Tomorrow


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” said Benjamin Franklin, and at OIP, we couldn’t agree more. Today, on January 24th, we celebrate the International Day of Education, a UNESCO annual observance dedicated to the power and need for education worldwide, and proudly share our commitment to supporting professional development and nurturing a culture of learning. 



From our humble beginnings, education has been woven into the very fabric of OIP’s DNA. Guided by the mantra of one of our founders – ‘Build the people so they can build the business’ – we’ve made significant strides in developing educational programs that empower our team members to flourish in their professional roles.



Central to our commitment is the American Insurance Academy (AIA), an innovative training and education program fully funded by OIP. This unique program provides a solid foundation in Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance, equipping our team members with practical knowledge and skills essential for underwriting assistant roles. Additionally, our Learning and Development department plays a crucial role in this process, ensuring that employees have access to continuing education and are supported in their professional growth. 



We partner with renowned institutions like The Institutes, offering industry-recognized designations and certifications to elevate our team’s expertise. These formalized programs provide the skills necessary for progression into senior roles.



OIP believes in nurturing a culture of continuous learning. Another example is access to Coursera, a widely-recognized learning platform with over 7,000 world-class courses, hands-on projects, and certificate programs. It ensures that everyone at OIP can tailor their learning journey to their professional aspirations.



We also provide access to a Continuing Education repository with more than 150 training videos and other learning materials. This comprehensive program we developed covers professional topics and soft skill development, ensuring our team remains at the forefront of industry trends.



Finally, our commitment extends beyond OIP to support educational initiatives, such as “Podrzi i TI buduceg IT profesionalca,” a program that empowers young, aspiring IT professionals by allowing them to participate in IT courses and training sessions. 



As one of our team members, Milena Kocic, AINS – Treasury Operations Associate, shares: “I am proud to be a part of a company that genuinely values its employees. OIP provides many opportunities for professional growth, consistently encouraging and inspiring us to expand our knowledge and skills.”



At OIP, we celebrate the International Day of Education not just on January 24th but every day as we continue to invest in the knowledge, growth, and success of our team members, ensuring that a well-educated and empowered workforce benefits both our organization and the partners we serve.